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Moea Moea Pearls Ring - 1
Moea Moea Pearls Ring - 1
Moea Moea Pearls Ring - 1 Moea Moea Pearls Ring - 2 Moea Moea Pearls Ring - 2 Moea Moea Pearls Ring - 3 Moea Moea Pearls Ring - 4 Moea Moea Pearls Ring - 7 Moea Moea Pearls Ring - 8 Moea Moea Pearls Ring - 9

Moea Ring


For lovers of exotic jewelry, the Moea ring is the answer to their desire for brilliance and preciousness. It turns out to be a jewel with a friendly air that is a pure virtual pleasure if one takes even the trouble to look at it. Imagine the pleasure it will bring to your fingers. This ring is one of a kind. It combines lightness and beauty. It lets you wear very easily and easily combines with other jewels to give you an irresistible charm.

The Moea ring comes topped with a beautiful tahitial bead that could be the color of your choice. The choice of the color of the tahitian pearl has been left to you so that the Moea ring you will wear at your fingers can reflect your personality. It is available in white gold or yellow gold. It is according to your choice that your Moea ring will present itself. It will reflect your desires and desires. The gold used to make this ring is an 18-carat gold. It has stones, 0.07 carat diamonds, as jewelers.

The Moea ring is a very chic ring that gives you a touch of elegance that hardly goes unnoticed. It's the ultimate addition to your style and dress. This ring will be so useful to you that you will not do without it. She will proudly sit in your jewel case and will be the faithful accompanist of your style.

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Gold color
  • 18K White Gold
  • 18K Yellow Gold
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Pearl size
9 - 10 mm